Latitude & Longitude Sign

unnamedWhen we moved into our new house, we had some pretty empty walls. Well, to be honest, we STILL have a lot of empty walls, but they are slowly being filled. Don’t you just love those farmhouse style, personalized signs? Scroll your insta-feed and you’ll see dozens of them with last names, wedding dates, cute sayings…you name it! The only thing I don’t love about them are the prices. Sooooo…being the DIY crazy that I am, I set out to make something myself. I had a big empty spot in my breakfast nook that needed some love. I made the most darlin’ sign to hang there and thought I would share how I did it…ya know, in case you decide you need one too! Continue reading

Here we go, y’all


Remember back in the day when you had to write school papers? Unfortunately, I had a lot of practice with those considering the amount of school I tortured myself with. But you sit down, cup of coffee in hand, staring at the computer screen. My parents own a little coffee shop, so I would sit in the cafe, sipping my coffee, just staring at the blinking cursor wondering what to say and how to say it. I am having flash backs now as I sit here, staring at this computer screen…only no coffee in hand this time. Maybe that’s my problem right there…no coffee. Continue reading