Master Bathroom Reveal! (Part 1)


I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. Which one ya wanna hear first? I’ll share the bad first. Our master bathroom was UGLY. I mean seriously super ugly when we moved in. Our dog wouldn’t even go in there it was so bad. When purchasing the house, we had plans to do a complete gut job and start over. We even had someone come out and give us some grand ideas about a claw foot tub and a heated floor. It was dreamy. I was excited! But…you know how it is moving in to your first home. We need a new couch, the whole exterior of the house needs to be painted, we have a yard that needs to be sodded…I mean our to-do list is a mile and a half long and filled with projects that ain’t cheap! So here I went with my pinterest-ing and doodling and home depo-ing and planned a spectacular bathroom redo. I showed my ideas to my husband and he thought I was slightly crazy. “Paint the tile floor?” I admit, it does sound crazy. But hey, remember when I said it was ugly? I figured it wasn’t going to get any worse so I might as well take a swing at it. Well, now we have a bathroom we kinda sorta love. And that, my friends, is the good news!

Ok, I admit I still want those heated floors when my feet are cold. But at least my feet aren’t cold on blue checked tile anymore!

So…I want to share some before pictures so you can fully appreciate my master piece. If you are offended by ugly pictures of nasty bathrooms just scroll fast past this sea of puke green coming at ya! Ready?


img_0531Ugly. Amiright?




See why my dog wouldn’t come in here? Lime green walls, blue checked tile and painted brown cabinets? I can’t get with that color scheme. So how did I fix this mess? Very carefully. Ready to see the after?!


0b97e086-0107-4ba4-bd41-ec41f1241a0cAaaaah…much more soothing to the eyes.






8d5c2cf0-c6c5-4c81-a931-9b1c3dd8e87aEvery time I go in here I want to do a happy dance! It is SO MUCH BETTER. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! And the BEST part is….it cost me around $370!!!

I am sharing the budget breakdown of this DIY master bathroom makeover in the table below! See each project broken down by supply cost and the totals at the very right of the table. Over the next few weeks, I will break down each project to walk you through how I transformed this space. I will provide supply lists with links, detailed instructions, tips and tricks for getting the job done so you can recreate this look in your own UGLY bathroom!


It is so nice to have a new bathroom and not drop thousands on a gut job. It doesn’t even feel like the same room! First up, I’ll explain how to build the custom mirror frame. Can’t wait to help you transform your ugly bathroom! Cheers!



19 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Reveal! (Part 1)

  1. Amazing transformation! Can’t wait to read more! I am working on a bathroom with outhouses stenciled all across as a border – with sponge painting, so I am feelimg your former pain!


    1. Thank you Lisa!! Oh I would love to see some pictures of your space when you’re done! Has the stenciling been difficult? I’m thinking some stenciling in my laundry room might be coming down the pike!


    1. Yay!!! I will totally teach you!! We wanted to gut ours so bad but knew it wasn’t in the budget amongst my crazy ideas!! I’m going to start posting each project in detail so hopefully it will help you!!☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Worth every penny! Such an amazing transformation. Maybe one day you can get your heated floors and claw foot tub, heck, maybe we all can….but for now I hope you enjoy your beautiful new space!


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